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Dismissive Danny


In my last post I gave a snapshot of what it might look like to grow up in an environment filled with security, mindsight, empathy, consistency and constancy.   While life has challenges for all of us, those who grow up with such a degree of security are able to navigate life’s challenges with resilience that…

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Living Securely


I recently wrote of a situation in my life, giving responses from different people who have different attachment styles, along with how I was impacted by them. In the following weeks I will look at each Attachment Pattern separately, sharing a possible profile of a person who would have grown up in an environment that…

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The Merry-Go-Round of Attachment Patterns


God designed us to be securely attached in relationships.  With Him and others. When our relationships go well, we do well in life.  When our relationships are not doing well, our lives can be thrown into anguish and we start swirling. Understanding Attachment Patterns can give us insight into what is behind the quality of…

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The Kingdom of God is Like…


The puddles on the floor started the saga.  Whenever it rained, my sunroom floor was wet.  Over the years, time had taken it’s toll …the seals of every glass in the enclosure were in need of being re-sealed. Rain came again, and so did the puddle.  Hmmm…  A problem with the flashings between the sunroom…

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Implications I Am Pondering


How does the healing and growth I experience on this side of the transition door impact what happens on the other side?  Jesus told us to lay up treasures in heaven, letting us know that what we do here impacts the quality of our eternal destiny. God is eternal and will exist forever.  I entered…

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Attachment Soil

Attachment Soil - Maribeth Poole

In some of my trainings, I ask: What makes the difference in why some people are able to ‘hear’ and receive logically helpful information and others are not? Why at times do people have all the data needed to make wise choices and still not be able to follow through?   As I was continuing…

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Developing Emotional Muscles


If only I could remain more stable when hard situations blow into my life! I don’t want trials and hard stuff to pull the rug out from under my feet. I would like to be able to claim, like Apostle Paul, that although he went through some horrific times and was almost despairing, he was…

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The Benefits of Grieving With Others


Several years ago, someone ‘joined’ me to a Facebook group. A group created for those who attended the same boarding school that I grew up in. For a lengthy period of time I paid little attention when posts were added. I was aware of an almost nebulous sense of discomfort within when as I scrolled…

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What Can I Trust God For?


My recent ‘churning’ comes from an increase of interactions I’ve had that feel like a ‘spiritualized lack of compassion’. Conversations insisting that because we are told in Isaiah 53: 5 “He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we…

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What are my Treasures?


I think it was in 1997. A rough year for me. I hit a low spell and while driving down a freeway I made my case to God why it would be a good idea for Him to let me join Him in heaven. It went something like this. “You say that what matters most…

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