Narcissism Among Us

Narcissism exists on a continuum with a normal desire to feel special at one end of the continuum and a pathological need for constant admiration at the other end.

“Narcissism Among Us” is a layperson’s guide to understanding the causes and characteristics of narcissism, avoiding potential mine fields, setting boundaries, building courage, and knowing when it is time to walk away from relationships that are abusive if there is no likelihood of change.

Maribeth Poole reminds us that we are ALL created in the image of God and, as such, have value. The challenge is getting the narcissist to embrace this and become the person whom God intended him to be – not someone who feels the need to boast and bully in order to be seen and heard.

“Maribeth Poole has written a clear, easy to read, and hopeful book that will encourage and strengthen everyone who deals with a narcissist or recognizes their own tendencies toward narcissism.

This book is full of resources that help one identify the presence of narcissism, and show how to get help to deal with it.

Maribeth Poole includes charts that specify maturity indicators, and gives great examples of how to increase one’s capacity to interact with a narcissist. She stresses the need for supportive community when dealing with narcissism, and she underlines the essential priority to care for the victims of the narcissist. This is a book that invites and provides a blueprint for personal growth for each of us, and I recommend it highly.”

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Maribeth Poole’s holistic ministry approach is centered in God’s design for our brains and His Word concerning relationships. She covers current and past trauma, relationships, spirituality and the emotional maturity process. She has specialized training in brain development and healing the effects of sexual abuse, dissociation, ritual abuse and church relationships.