Attune to Attach

Learn about attachment patterns and how you can grow into an increasing secure attachment style. Increase your relational capacity and help those around you by applying the teachings in this course.

Transitions to Transformation

Become the person God made you to be and learn to be emotionally “street wise”. We are designed for intimacy, empathy, finding solutions and resilience with moral integrity.

My heart is easily captured by the wounded, overlooked and those misperceived as unimportant or misfits.

I enjoy watching our God tenderly and powerfully help all people through recovery.

Maribeth Poole

Maribeth Poole

About Maribeth Poole

Maribeth Poole is a pastoral care minister. She is ordained through Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Wichita Kansas. Maribeth counseled 15 years for Shepherd’s House.

During her years of practice she co-authored the book The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You and Bringing the Life Model to Life Study Guide. She wrote a guide for new parents to help them joyfully develop the mind of their baby called Joyful Beginnings Baby Book Guide.

Maribeth’s holistic ministry approach is centered in God’s design for our brains and His Word concerning relationships. She covers current and past trauma, relationships, spirituality and the emotional maturity process. Maribeth has specialized training in brain development and healing the effects of sexual abuse, dissociation, ritual abuse and church relationships.

Maribeth was born in Nigeria to missionary parents. She attended a missionary boarding school through 9th grade finishing High School in the U.S. She has a BS degree from Columbia Bible College and her masters in Biblical Counseling from Grace Theological Seminary.

She likes people, animals, nature and reading. Maribeth’s heart is easily captured by the wounded, overlooked and those mis-perceived as unimportant or misfits. She enjoys watching God tenderly and powerfully help people through recovery.

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