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The Benefits of Grieving With Others


Several years ago, someone ‘joined’ me to a Facebook group. A group created for those who attended the same boarding school that I grew up in. For a lengthy period of time I paid little attention when posts were added. I was aware of an almost nebulous sense of discomfort within when as I scrolled…

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What Can I Trust God For?


My recent ‘churning’ comes from an increase of interactions I’ve had that feel like a ‘spiritualized lack of compassion’. Conversations insisting that because we are told in Isaiah 53: 5 “He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we…

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What are my Treasures?


I think it was in 1997. A rough year for me. I hit a low spell and while driving down a freeway I made my case to God why it would be a good idea for Him to let me join Him in heaven. It went something like this. “You say that what matters most…

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God’s Face is Never Silent – His Loving Eyes Always On Me


“You didn’t have a moment of disconnect. Yours started pre-birth and went through childhood and on!” A short while back I was interacting with our Immanuel regarding some on going lingering life sensations, including feeling adrift in life. Out of the blue, a vivid recall of an experiment surprisingly came to mind. The “Silent Face”…

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God Played with Me!


I’m turning 60 this year! This is no little thing! Considering the years I struggled with suicidal drives and the years of significant health issues, it is no little thing that this year I have made it 60 years! I was talking with a friend about this remarkable milestone, voicing that I wanted to do…

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South Africa, Here I Come!


It has been over 10 years since I was last in S. Africa.  I had envisioned I would be back before now, but my health has been a prohibiting factor. I certainly want to get back there before my health possibly takes another nose dive. (Not that am expecting such a thing!) This year I…

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Life at the Level of Our Transformation


God never expects us to live past our level of development.  He never shames us for where we are at, but fully understands the why of where we are at.  He gently, wisely and competently joins us to help us grow in our ability to live life well. *** My stomach tightened as I heard…

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Bless His Heart


Bless His Heart (and not in the way Southerner’s mean it, if you know what I mean.) I have a practice. Before I go to bed I pull into focus 3 things in my day that I appreciate and a hero for the day. I jot them down and drop them into my ‘Appreciation Jar’.…

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Wishing God a Happy New Year


I wish You, GOD, a great New Year!   (I humbly recognize that I am actually thinking much of my self and those I care about.)   If You have a great year, then the rest of us will significantly benefit! If Your kingdom increases, then evil will diminish. If the desire of Your heart…

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Counting the Cost


For a couple months, Jesus and I have been having this low-key interaction about how challenging it is to pursue living at an ‘elder’ level of maturity. I’m not sure I like it! It is played out by putting many of my desires and wishes on hold. And pushing outside of my comfort zone. It…

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