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Wishing God a Happy New Year


I wish You, GOD, a great New Year!   (I humbly recognize that I am actually thinking much of my self and those I care about.)   If You have a great year, then the rest of us will significantly benefit! If Your kingdom increases, then evil will diminish. If the desire of Your heart…

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Counting the Cost


For a couple months, Jesus and I have been having this low-key interaction about how challenging it is to pursue living at an ‘elder’ level of maturity. I’m not sure I like it! It is played out by putting many of my desires and wishes on hold. And pushing outside of my comfort zone. It…

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One of Those Inconvenient Truths


It’s one of the verses displayed on cards for the purpose of encouragement. But if I am honest, I have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with the truth. “When I am weak, He is strong.” Why isn’t the promise “When you are weak, I will make you strong”? Weakness is far from my preference! I do not…

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Not Quite as Evangelical as I Used to Be?


A short while back there was much emotionally charged dispute again filling my Facebook page- this time as a result of Eugene Peterson’s statements regarding LGBT ‘s and then his recant. You easily and understandably will focus on the gender and sexual issue, but this is NOT the point of my writing. Yes, I do…

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Entitlement, Independence or Faith?


I’ve had some interactions recently which has resulted in my mind trying to ‘scratch an itch’. These interactions were with people who have a ‘greater level of faith’ than I do. While they could benefit from having an increase of money to pay some bills, they are not feeling any urgency to increase the level…

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When Do We Need to Kill Hope?


Why live if we do not have hope? Hope for a life of purpose. Hope for health. Hope for relationships. Hope to be loved securely. Hope for…. Hope can be excruciating! A sick and despairing heart comes with hope deferred. The ongoing absence of what we believe would add to our thriving and pleasure brings…

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What do Buddhists and Christians possibly have in common?


The pursuit of peace. While recognizing there is much more to Buddhists and Christians, I am pondering some concerns regarding the pursuit of peace. We live in a time and society that drives us with a hectic drum beat. The political situation has escalated fears and insecurities. Violence is prevalent and fills the media. People…

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Attune to Attach? To a NARCISSIST?


To a strutting, arrogant peacock? To a skunk? To a porcupine? Attach to a proudly strutting peacock? A skunk? A porcupine? Maybe it is not possible, in the way we originally consider. Maybe we need to first address the strutting or the stink. Maybe we need to first tame the quills! We cannot relate with…

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Bothersome Quotes


Facebook ushers me into a plethora of emotions. While enjoying glimpses into friends lives and the delight that emerges from nature pictures, and appreciating inspiration from people I would like to be my mentors…. some aspects of Facebook have me cringing. Some quotes at first glance offer sage advice. But instead are validating our self…

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Politics Are Not For Me


  The flurry on my Facebook page has escalated again with Trump’s latest ‘ruling’. I mostly skim over the posts, but notice enough to have a perspective pulling together in my mind, albeit oversimplified. One group is excited. Another is outraged. Both are driven by personal fears. We polarize and bond over what we hate.…

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