Wishing God a Happy New Year

I wish You, GOD, a great New Year!


(I humbly recognize that I am actually thinking much of my self and those I care about.)


If You have a great year, then the rest of us will significantly benefit!

If Your kingdom increases, then evil will diminish.

If the desire of Your heart is met, then there will be good will to all people.

There will be a fullness of love and sweet connections.

The poor will be enriched.

The wounded and vulnerable will be cared for and protected.

There will be less judgment and more compassion.

There will be reconciliation and peace on earth.

There will be significant growth towards wholeness in bodies, souls and minds.


You long for us to experience as the Interactive God With Us.  May YOUR heart desire come to pass in delightful ways.

Then we too will be blessed.  We will experientially surpass theology and be refreshed, inspired and encouraged as we live and move and have our being in You!  And Your heart will be glad.


Yes, I wish YOU a Happy New Year!

And may I do my part in helping my wish come to pass!  May I help Your heart be glad in 2018!

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