South Africa, Here I Come!

It has been over 10 years since I was last in S. Africa.  I had envisioned I would be back before now, but my health has been a prohibiting factor. I certainly want to get back there before my health possibly takes another nose dive. (Not that am expecting such a thing!)

This year I will be turning 60 and I want to ‘go big’ in celebrating that I have made it this far!  No little thing! A question played in my mind “What can I do that will have a celebration wrapped up with things that have me come alive ?”

Africa!  Animals!  Friends!  Sharing what God has generously helped me learn!

And the trip has materialized!  I will be heading over to S. Africa on May 11th with 2 friends for 2 1/2 weeks.   The first few days we will head up to Krueger Park for a safari!  My soul does a happy dance! Maybe even 60 happy dances!

We then will head to George, S. Africa where each of us will be giving some training to staff that work in homes for young girls who have decided to keep their babies under very hard circumstances.

As for my part- I will teach for 2 days on the impact of trauma and how to develop the ability to relate well and helpfully.  (Attune to Attach)  I will also have 2 days with a group of people working with those who have undergone severe trauma.  My focus will be training on Complex PTSD.  They have also asked me to help them specifically with working with those who have undergone satanic ritual abuse.

My health has improved enough for me to re-enter the ‘working world’ to a degree.  Unfortunately much of my income continues to pour into the hands of those in the medical field who are helping me heal.    I would greatly appreciate any help to offset the cost of my celebratory trip.  Celebrating my ability to keep on being involved in life on this side of the transition door in enjoyable and meaningful ways. The trip will cost me approximately $3600, considering the output of expenses along with the finances I will not be bringing in to pay my ongoing bills.

Any amount sent my way takes some financial pressure off of me and my credit card as I set out with our God …to celebrate that He gave me life, enjoy His creativity in Africa, and bring loving practical help to those tender wounded lambs He loves.

If your finances are in a tight place, please take care of yourself and do not feel pressure to send money my way!  I’ll appreciate your being excited with me that I am alive and still active on this side of the transition door!


If you would like to send something towards my celebratory trip here are two options:

– You can get a tax benefit if you make a check out to Fellowship of Christ.  In the memo line you need to write “Green Pastures- Africa”.   The address is 1788 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC 27511

Thank you for celebrating my life with me!


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