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The flurry on my Facebook page has escalated again with Trump’s latest ‘ruling’.

I mostly skim over the posts, but notice enough to have a perspective pulling together in my mind, albeit oversimplified.

One group is excited. Another is outraged.
Both are driven by personal fears.

We polarize and bond over what we hate. And the cycle of disdain, violence and hatred continues to swirl with our ongoing fears.

All of us want to be safe.

Comments from friends along with my Facebook page show an assumption that politics can address the safety issues we all want and need.

One group fears our country going is down hill. “If God’s people will humble themselves and pray, God will hear, forgive and heal… and if we do not repent, we will have God’s justice hit us in the form of destruction.” Fear of the anger of God.

Another group of people have experienced being ostracized, despised, rejected and have experienced violence to different degrees for ‘being different’. We all are designed by God to be welcomed and cared for. The fear of rejection, disdain, hatred and violence is understandably palpable.

We want to be safe with God.

We want to be safe with each other within our country.

We want to be safe as a country with other countries in our world.

Politics are not the problem. Politics are not the solution. For any group or person!

Here are some things I believe it would be wise to consider for all of us.

God gave guidelines, rules, and laws. But NOT for salvation! Throughout all of history, governments and politics have not worked. That is why God put into motion from the very start His backup plan to mercifully save us- not by our following His laws.  He knew we wouldn’t and couldn’t. Salvation comes by the indescribable gift of salvation by grace.   Yes, God allows governments and laws and there is a very important place for them, but not to assuage God’s anger!   God did not give laws out of anger. God gave guidelines out of a desire for our best interest.

Because we people are so flawed in our understanding and are reactive out of our wounded-ness and fear, the rules God gives help to bring about an increase of protection from evil and it’s rampages .

I have been around enough evil and walked with people who have been severely ravaged by evil to know there needs to be a strong standard set in place! To bring about protection and justice. Rules are given by God out of His enormous love in wanting safety, dignity and honor to be preserved for all people!

Laws are not to be made and enforced in ways that malign God’s desire for freedom of choice and inclusion! All people are valuable and worthy of protection and honor and dignity -regardless of their choices and behaviors! There is nothing that can separate us from the LOVE of God!   Jesus did not come to enforce the law or bring condemnation, but to bring salvation to all who join and follow Him.

In Jesus’ day, the religious branches of the Pharisees and Sadducees put out great effort to usher God’s salvation into the world through following the law.   But this was not God’s plan.

The Zealots were driven to violence against the government in hopes of ushering in what they believed was the kingdom of God. Using their power against the evil power that was in control at the time.   God had a different plan.

Jesus came to bring about a totally different type of kingdom and ‘politics’. The divine conspiracy is to have His kingdom expanded as we follow His guidance in tailored ways to love all at a grass roots level in each of our individual lives!

Fears will not be addressed through “power from the top”. Our individual fears, fueled by our own pain-filled pasts, need to be kindly addressed with wisdom and life-giving power!
Personal empowerment comes through connection with God as He enters our fears. Salvation and deliverance will ultimately come through His plans, not the actions of governments or the following of rules.

And even when we make choices that are not in accordance with the wisdom of God, God’s grace does not stop flowing as He maintains His plan to seek and to save those who are lost!

Solution to our fears – regardless which side we are on politically – is ultimately found in the radically inclusive grace, mercy and wise loving guidance of the God who is above all politicians and governments!
Here only is the safety of our souls!
What I have written above does not minimize the challenge we have ahead! How to navigate relationships? How do we offer incredible and radical inclusion of all while also following God’s guidance in order to avoid and diminish the horror of evil?

I end with this query. The answer will not be a ‘one size fits all’. The answer will differ from person to person and situation to situation. But for now, I stop with the question which hopefully will lead each of us to connect up with the All Wise God, asking for His guidance.


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  • “How do we offer incredible and radical inclusion of all while also following God’s guidance in order to avoid and diminish the horror of evil?”

    wow… Maribeth, this is what is called a Drop The Mic statement.
    So well said. Under this it should say Selah…

    Deep inhale and exahle. Yes. Incredible and radical Inclusion of All… God’s Guidence is soooo needed….. Avoiding and Diminishing the Horror or Evil.

    Mic Drop


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