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Dismissive Danny

In my last post I gave a snapshot of what it might look like to grow up in an environment filled with security, mindsight, empathy,

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Living Securely

I recently wrote of a situation in my life, giving responses from different people who have different attachment styles, along with how I was impacted

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Attachment Soil - Maribeth Poole

Attachment Soil

In some of my trainings, I ask: What makes the difference in why some people are able to ‘hear’ and receive logically helpful information and

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What Can I Trust God For?

My recent ‘churning’ comes from an increase of interactions I’ve had that feel like a ‘spiritualized lack of compassion’. Conversations insisting that because we are

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God Played with Me!

I’m turning 60 this year! This is no little thing! Considering the years I struggled with suicidal drives and the years of significant health issues,

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