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When Do We Need to Kill Hope?


Why live if we do not have hope? Hope for a life of purpose. Hope for health. Hope for relationships. Hope to be loved securely. Hope for…. Hope can be excruciating! A sick and despairing heart comes with hope deferred. The ongoing absence of what we believe would add to our thriving and pleasure brings…

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What do Buddhists and Christians possibly have in common?


The pursuit of peace. While recognizing there is much more to Buddhists and Christians, I am pondering some concerns regarding the pursuit of peace. We live in a time and society that drives us with a hectic drum beat. The political situation has escalated fears and insecurities. Violence is prevalent and fills the media. People…

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Attune to Attach? To a NARCISSIST?


To a strutting, arrogant peacock? To a skunk? To a porcupine? Attach to a proudly strutting peacock? A skunk? A porcupine? Maybe it is not possible, in the way we originally consider. Maybe we need to first address the strutting or the stink. Maybe we need to first tame the quills! We cannot relate with…

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