Transitions to Transformation

Transitions to Transformation

Do you have trouble navigating life and relationships?

Do you long for a better relationship with God and others?

Do you want to work on repairing brain circuits and improve your quality of life?

Is there trauma in your life or in someone you know that just won’t go away?

Are you feeling “long-distance” from the very ones you should expect help from?

There are 5 main areas Maribeth Poole covers with this class:

– God’s Ideal Design
– Basic Life Navigational Skills
– Life Repercussions from Trauma
– Guidance Towards Transformational Repair
– Relational Brain Skills

Become the person God made you to be and learn to be emotionally “street wise”. We are designed for intimacy, empathy, finding solutions and resilience with moral integrity.

You will learn how to interact with each other and God. This will help you to understand how to have and share life through each transition. There are often negative emotions throughout life and you will learn how to handle them so that you will have the ability to receive and give love.

There wil be practical lessons on how to “re-wire” your brain within a safe community. The exercises provide detailed steps to repair, heal and grow your mind and soul.

Often important brain skills are missed during development from infancy and on. You will get the opportunity to learn these incredible skills and fill in those areas that were missed.

Transitions to Transformation will be available to order April 20th, 2018!

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